Customer Service 100

Standard Package Checklist

✔ Remove solicitations, newspapers, phonebooks and debris

✔ Sweep front entry

✔ Check all doors & windows for signs of weather damage & vandalism

✔ Check irrigation system & timer setting

✔ Visual inspection of landscaping & weeds

✔ Check for signs of pests, wasp/bee nests & mold

✔ Check faucets & hoses for leaks

✔ Inspect screen enclosed patio for damage/tampering

✔ Check mail box for mail/tampering

✔ Alarm system check

✔ Check all doors/windows are locked

✔ Check sinks, drains, showers and tubs for leaks

✔ Check for signs of pest infestation

✔ Check for signs of mold, unusual sounds or smells

✔ Flush toilets, run faucets, check for leaks

✔ Refrigerator – Operation & temperature settings

✔ Dishwasher – Check for leaks

✔ Garbage disposal – Operate, run water, check for leaks

✔ RO System – run water and check for leaks

✔ Air Conditioning – temperature check – filters

✔ Clothes Washer – check for leaks

✔ Check that garage door opener is unplugged or locked

✔ Send Inspection / Progress Report after each visit.

✔ Include digital imagery (as needed).

Premium Package Checklist

✔ Run a short cycle in dishwasher

✔ Run a short cycle in washing machine

✔ Check & fill water softener with salt or potassium (supplied by owner)

✔ Check & replace air filters as needed (supplied by owner)

✔ Water indoor plants

✔ Observe pool equipment for leakage and listen for any unusual noise

✔ Perform visual inspection of pool and spa (excessive dirt, discoloration, water level, etc.)

✔ Start or move motorized vehicle(s)

✔ Check & replace any burned out security lights (supplied by owner)

✔ Smoke Detectors – replace batteries (supplied by owner)